December 10, 2015

What Happens After Divorce?

CaptureAn entry of divorce is a big step in the process. However, there is often a lot of follow-up needed to make everything final.  Here are some of the things that need to be addressed post-divorce:

  • Certified copies.  You should obtain a certified copy (official) of the divorce decree for your records.
  • Notice of Entry. Your attorney will draft a Notice of Entry to confirm everyone is aware of the entry and final outcome.
  • Assets should be divided.  If you agreed to split bank accounts, pay off debt, or pay an equalizer to finalize a property settlement, these things should be divided and paid off.
  • Vehicle titles can be transferred.  You can sign over the title on vehicles as outlined in your agreement.  This can usually be finalized without attorney work.
  • Real estate title transfer. A quit claim deed or order from the court (called a Summary Real Estate Disposition Judgment) can be recorded with the county real estate office to transfer title in your real estate.
  • Retirement division.  Some retirement accounts can be divided with notification from the clients.  Other accounts, specifically 401k’s, 403b’s and pensions usually need an order from the court to divide.  This order is called a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO).  A lawyer usually drafts this order.

There can sometimes be a lot of follow-up to a divorce.  A collaborative attorney can help you through the process and help make sure all follow-up items are completed.

Kimberly Miller
Attorney, KM Family Law, LLC

Kimberly Miller, JD, MA, LAMFT is known for her ability to resolve challenging family issues without resorting to aggressive legal strategies that are damaging to vital family relationships. After years of litigating business and family disputes at a prominent national firm, she recognized the devastating psychological and financial impact that litigation can have on individuals, couples, and other loved ones. She decided to establish her own practice to promote alternative forms of dispute resolution, such as collaborative law and mediation, to reach consensus. Learn more at

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