August 15, 2015

Traits That Will See You Through

Building a new future out of divorce is a process, one that takes a bit of professional guidance and a bit of reliance on a few personal traits.

Start by being honest. Sure, your lawyer and the rest of your collaborative team will stress the importance of full and complete disclosure (you’ll even agree to do so in your participation agreement), but honesty has a more powerful effect; it builds trust and reduces potential fallout. How ever uncomfortable reality may be, it is far easier to manage an uncomfortable truth than it is to maintain a exaggeration.

Don’t forget, perseverance is your friend. There will be times during the divorce process when it seems like you’re taking two steps back for every step forward. But the key here is to focus on that step forward.

Be open to communication. While listening is a powerful communication tool, don’t forget that it is also important to communicate your goals and your vision. You don’t have to be loud to communicate well, just be clear and be willing to restate your message in different terms when it appears your message is not being interpreted correctly.

Don’t be afraid of your vulnerable side, accepting and sharing your mistakes can strengthen connections. Sharing things like grief and loss or admitting to human frailties can be difficult, but it can provide an opening for others to be vulnerable as well.

Bruce Cameron
Attorney, Cameron Law, PLLC

Bruce Cameron, JD, MS is a second career attorney, practicing Quaker, and advocate for small town law practices. His solo practice focuses exclusively on collaborative law and mediation with just a soupçon of estate planning for excitement. Bruce believes that alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, like collaborative law and mediation, are powerful positive means to reduce the destructive conflict typical of litigation. He has found that a little peacemaking tends to produce better outcomes for his clients. Learn more at

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