September 9, 2014

The Possibility of Paternity

464987677Children born to unmarried parents are vulnerable. While they may have many of the same legal protections afforded to children going through a divorce of their parents, the relationship between their parents can be more tenuous.

Of course, the circumstances may vary widely, a one time encounter between two people who have very little relationship between them, to parents who have been together intentionally for a long period of time. Whatever the circumstances of their parents, the innocent child has a right o expect the cooperation of both parents to provide for his/her needs as he/she comes into the world.

The collaborative practice model is an excellent structure within which to focus the awareness of parents into creating a plan to provide care, comfort, support and nurturing. Parents who recognize the importance of creating a such a plan are served by the Neutral Child Specialist professional.

The neutral child specialist serves the interests of the child more than of either parent. Since it is in the very best interests of the child to have two strong, functioning parents, a focus on pulling the parents into alignment around the child serves the greatest interest. They may be the only person available to the parents who can soften the conflicts, and bring them into a focus on the needs of their child.

This is done by establishing a place within which each parent is held in respected esteem as they consider options that are available. While it is not part of the description to be a matchmaker for the parents, it is not uncommon that when parents begin to focus exclusively on their child in a way in which they are called upon to be partners rather than combatants, the possibility of becoming married to accomplish this goal is enhanced. Coupled with counseling between them as needed, it , may become a viable option.

Even if the parents choose not to create a formal relationship of family, they may be better able to create a significant relationship within which to share the joy and sorrows, the rights and duties, the privileges and responsibilities of a sacred undertaking.

If you know anyone who is dealing with these concerns, tell them about collaborative law.

Bruce Peck

Bruce is one of the founding members of the Collaborative Law Institute.
Back in the Wonder Years, this small group was trying to figure out what a new way of practicing family law might look like. Today the collaborative law concept has exploded, not just throughout the United States, but also internationally. For over thirty years Bruce has continued to hone his skills to provide the highest quality of services to family law clients. He helps good people make tough choices during difficult times.

Bruce is a laid back and easy going person who listens well to others. He is a shameless optimist who can always see possibility and opportunity. Being very curious by nature, he is a voracious reader. His love for words has drawn him into being an avid poet.

Bruce’s skills supports clients interests without alienating their spouse. When the parties reach agreement, it is not under duress. They have the time to discuss all decisions with their attorneys before signing the agreement. Once completed, the stipulated divorce is filed with the court for a default hearing in which neither party, nor their attorneys, ever have to set foot inside a courthouse. Learn more at

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