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December 4, 2013

Coping with the Holiday Blues

The holidays are centering points for families, but how do you handle the holidays when dealing with divorce, or when a broken relationship has you wondering, “How can I celebrate anything?” How can you embrace Thanksgiving, sing about “Joy to Continue reading…

July 31, 2013

How to Tell Your Spouse about Divorce: Breaking the News Without Destroying Your Family

Categories: Collaborative LawDivorce

Once you have reached the difficult conclusion that your marriage is over, opening the door to discussing divorce with your spouse is never easy. Yet the way that you choose to talk about a possible divorce may have an enormous Continue reading…

June 25, 2013

8 Tips to Save Money During Wedding Season

Categories: DivorceMoney and Finances

With wedding season in full swing, your mailbox may be overflowing with invitations.  Going to weddings, especially several in a row, can really add up.  While weddings can be a blast to attend, there’s no getting around the fact that Continue reading…