April 25, 2013

T-H-I-N-K Before You Speak

THINK before you speakEvery other Wednesday, I volunteer in my daughter’s second grade class.  When I visit her classroom, I enjoy reading the various tenets of behavior on the classroom walls and consider how peaceful the world would be, if we all followed them.  One of my favorites reads:

Before your speak, THINK

T – is it true?

H – is it helpful?

I – is it inspiring?

N – is it necessary?

K – is it kind?

I believe this particular tenet resonates with me because, as an attorney, I was trained to use my words strategically.  Words are to be used like a scalpel – with precision but nonetheless, for cutting.  When I started practicing collaborative family law, I was heartened to retool my mind and my language in order to use words as a bridge, connecting people and re-framing their disputes for peaceful resolution.

I continue to use words with precision, but now in an effort to be helpful, inspiring and kind. My collaborative family law practice allows me to be a skillful wordsmith without the carnage.


Elizabeth I. WrobelABOUT THE AUTHOR
Elizabeth Wrobel

Elizabeth Wrobel, JD is a partner with Wrobel & Smith, PLLP. She practices in the areas of collaborative family law and health insurance disputes. Although Elizabeth’s legal roots are in government practice, she now enjoys working directly with real people and their real-life challenges. Elizabeth’s passion for helping families is met in her collaborative law practice where she can use creative problem solving to assist families through the challenges of transition. Elizabeth understands that conflict can be expected, but how the professionals respond and guide a couple through divorce is critical in minimizing the harm.

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One Response to T-H-I-N-K Before You Speak

  1. Tonda Mattie says:

    So true! T-H-I-N-K is the essence of nonviolent communication, and if we could all follow this tenant how better the world would be. Collaborative Family Law is all about using communication that “bridges” so that conflict is reduced and the chance of healing is increased. And it works!

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