July 28, 2014

Sleeping Power

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MAY 3 1973, MAY 6 1973; Plymouth's eight-cylinder duster is peppy, attractive, compact coupe;During those halcyon days of college, I can into the possession of an aging Plymouth Duster – the 1970’s answer to the Honda Accord; a 2 door transportation module – with a surprise. In the terms of hot rod culture, the car was a sleeper. At some point in the car’s life a former owner had removed the original 6-cylinder engine and shoehorned an excessively large V-8 under the hood. The car was power incarnate (even if its thirst for gasoline meant that a college student could seldom afford to the car go vroom much less the vroom-vroom-vroom the car was capable of).

That car left my life long ago, but the concept of a sleeper, of finding hidden power in the otherwise ordinary, has stuck with me. Perhaps this is part of what attracts me to Collaborative Practice; the idea that just below the trappings of an ordinary legal procedure lies an extraordinary amount of power – power to be compassionate, power to transform, power to build positive futures, power to educate, power to create – power to be used or not used as the couple wishes.

It is a power I don’t find in other divorce processes,. While a mediated divorce gives the couple control, it lacks the varied creative inputs of the Collaborative team. The litigated divorce may bring talented professionals to bear upon the couple’s issues, but a couple’s choice always seems to be diminished.

Bruce Cameron
Attorney, Cameron Law, PLLC

Bruce Cameron, JD, MS is a second career attorney, practicing Quaker, and advocate for small town law practices. His solo practice focuses exclusively on collaborative law and mediation with just a soup├žon of estate planning for excitement. Bruce believes that alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, like collaborative law and mediation, are powerful positive means to reduce the destructive conflict typical of litigation. He has found that a little peacemaking tends to produce better outcomes for his clients. Learn more at www.CameronLawPllc.com

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