August 14, 2013

Peace Begins at Home

I appreciate my clients and how hard they work to do what’s best for their family as a whole, often during times of intense stress.  I learn from them all the time.

Here is my very favorite Calvin & Hobbes comic strip.

Calvin & Hobbes,, war, larger

I probably think about this once a week.  I have deep admiration for those who work to put their negative feelings aside and go through the divorce process as peacefully and with as much kindness and regard as they can.

Collaborative Divorce professionals need to model peace too, and I admit I find this really challenging at times.

I have learned a lot about the effects of family “war” from children of divorced parents who come in determined to handle their divorce differently than their parents did.  They are fortunate that now there are processes like collaborative law that can help them go through the divorce process peacefully.

I  believe that family conflict and violence breed expectations of conflict, and impact even our international relationships.  How much nicer it would be if we could create expectations of peace!

Mary Antonia WilmesABOUT THE AUTHOR
Mary Antonia Wilmes

Mary Antonia Wilmes’ career has been centered on families. She has been an attorney handling family law cases since 1985, has mediated family cases since 1993, and has handled collaborative cases since 2003. She is the mother of two and grandmother of six. Both Mary’s family and her clients continue to teach her how to best serve family members’ needs. Learn more about Collaborative Law also known as Collaborative Practice or Collaborative Divorce at our MN Institute website and at our international organization’s website.

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