June 24, 2014

Books for Kids About Divorce

153886436Divorce can be scary for kids. They may feel alone. They may feel responsible. They may feel sad. Parents may find it difficult to initiate conversations about the changes going on in the family. Very young children may be fearful and confused about having two homes instead of just one. Fortunately, there are a number of children’s books available that can help young ones open up about their feelings. Here is a list of books my clients have found helpful:

All of these books are available for purchase online. They may be available at your local library.

Holly Lundquist
Attorney, Lundquist Collaborative Law, PLLC

Holly Lundquist has spent the past 30+ years helping families navigate the challenges of divorce. For the past ten years, her primary focus has been Collaborative Practice which provides transitioning families a safe place in which to have the often-difficult conversations regarding their children, finances and future relationship. Learn more about her practice at www.LundquistCollaborativeDivorce.com

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