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Bruce is one of the founding members of the Collaborative Law Institute. Back in the Wonder Years, this small group was trying to figure out what a new way of practicing family law might look like. Today the collaborative law concept has exploded, not just throughout the United States, but also internationally. For over thirty years Bruce has continued to hone his skills to provide the highest quality of services to family law clients. He helps good people make tough choices during difficult times. Bruce is a laid back and easy going person who listens well to others. He is a shameless optimist who can always see possibility and opportunity. Being very curious by nature, he is a voracious reader. His love for words has drawn him into being an avid poet. Bruce’s skills supports clients interests without alienating their spouse. When the parties reach agreement, it is not under duress. They have the time to discuss all decisions with their attorneys before signing the agreement. Once completed, the stipulated divorce is filed with the court for a default hearing in which neither party, nor their attorneys, ever have to set foot inside a courthouse. Learn more at

June 7, 2016

Don’t Be So Sure of Yourself

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I’ve written blogs about the value of learning how to be comfortable living in uncertainty. I’ve written about the problems that spring from being uncomfortable with ambiguity. I’ve talked about how unreliable it is to hold on to cherished beliefs, Continue reading…

May 31, 2016

The Advantages of an Attorney and Counselor at Law

I have just gotten back from a Continuing Legal Education class to help satisfy my requirements for ethics credits. The title of the class was How to Be a Happy, Healthy and Ethical Lawyer. It helped reacquaint me with the Continue reading…

May 24, 2016

Divorce: Opportunity to Confront Fear

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Fear is one of the most innate underpinnings of humanity. Indeed, in our earliest stages of development, fear was essential to our very survival. When we lived in a physical environment that posed regular and daily threats to our existence Continue reading…

May 4, 2016

The Trauma of Living

Categories: Divorce

On my way to the world last week I stumbled upon an article in The Guardian magazine that caught my attention. Richard Bentall wrote the article, entitled Mental Illness is a Result of Misery, yet still we stigmatise it. The Continue reading…

April 26, 2016

When In Doubt, Relax

Categories: Divorce

Just read a fascinating article by Jesse Singal titled, “The Bad Things That Happen When People Can’t Deal With Ambigous Situations”. For some time now I’ve been hearing that we humans are meaning making machines – driven by a compulsion Continue reading…

April 6, 2016

The Challenge of Thinking on Our Feet

An article I came across spoke of an eighteenth century French philosopher and writer, Dennis Diderot, who was engaged in a debate at a dinner party over a topic he knew well. When challenged on some point he found himself Continue reading…

March 24, 2016

Why Principled Negotiations are Preferred

I recently saw an article about Choosing Your Battles and Fight for What Actually Matters. Wow, I thought, what a stagnant place to live! Fighting comes out of two related concepts: participating in games and competitions, or engaging in war. Continue reading…

March 16, 2016

Looking at Love

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From the eyes of a divorce lawyer, I’ve also had the opportunity to observe goodly numbers of successful and happy marriages. I am not a psychiatrist, nor a psychologist, nor a mental health specialist nor a marriage counselor. I am Continue reading…

March 2, 2016

Finding Happiness in Challenging TImes

Categories: Divorce

Finding Happiness in Challenging TimesIt is quite common to lose our moorings when we find ourselves engulfed in the despair of divorce. The range of emotions, especially in the early stages, can include such profound pain that it pushes out Continue reading…

February 24, 2016

The Power of Intentionality

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When I discovered Gary Zukov’s book, The Seat of the Soul , I found it to be transformational. His presentation about the concept of soul went far beyond anything I had heard in my Catholic upbringing. It became an easy Continue reading…