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April 29, 2015

Dating After Divorce: Preparing the Kids

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The longer I work as a neutral child specialist, the more important I realize it is to help divorcing parents have meaningful conversations about the possibility that one or both of them will enter into new significant relationships while their Continue reading…

April 21, 2015

How to Stay out of Divorce Court

Divorce court should be your LAST resort. After all, do you want a complete stranger in a black robe deciding the fate of your future? You do not want a judge to decide where your children will live, how much Continue reading…

April 17, 2015

Divorce: The Drafting Process

I am often asked what a “drafting” process for divorce entails. While a full process often has 3-5 professionals, a process for clients who have worked out most of the resolutions on their own, can be much more streamlined. Using Continue reading…

April 14, 2015

Two Things You Want in Your Divorce

Almost all divorces end up in a negotiated settlement. (In most states, less than 5% of all divorces actually go to trial.) Therefore, the most important thing for couples to consider, before they start down the path toward divorce, is Continue reading…