Monthly Archives: March 2015

March 31, 2015

Social Security and Your Retirement – Part 3: Spousal Benefits & Divorce

When contemplating the pros and cons of getting divorced, I doubt anyone ever puts in the pros column “easier to claim Social Security Spousal Benefits”. Some people may not even realize that they can get Social Security spousal benefits based Continue reading…

March 26, 2015

What is the Difference Between Budgeting and Cash Flow?

I teach a cash flow planning course throughout the metro area. One of the ways I begin, is by asking everyone to tell me the first word that comes to mind when they hear the word budget? Often it is Continue reading…

March 3, 2015

Everbody Wins?

If you put two smart, equally powerful people together to solve a problem with no clear right or wrong answer, they will likely come up with at least two possible solutions, and will often disagree on which solution is the Continue reading…