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January 27, 2015

Becoming the Best Parent I Can Be

In a recent first meeting with new clients, I was obtaining family history to help ground me in both parents’ perspectives on issues related to their divorce. A comment by the dad struck a chord for me. He said, “I Continue reading…

January 26, 2015

Divorce After Decades: The Empty Nest

I sat in on a seminar recently with a room full of moms. Moms of babies, moms of toddlers, moms with children just starting elementary school. The topic was about learning to fall in love with your husband again, and Continue reading…

January 22, 2015

Changing Your Name Following Divorce

There are few things that distinguish a new phase in life more than changing one’s name. However, one has to do a thorough job of informing the “world” of this change – such as identity providers, business relationships, friends and Continue reading…

January 20, 2015

The 4 Must Knows of Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative law requires experienced professionals and clients willing to work together to find resolutions for their family law matters. It is a unique, non-adversarial process that provides an alternative to a traditional, litigation. It is a respectful process that depends Continue reading…

January 19, 2015

How to Get What is Fair in Your Divorce

Categories: Collaborative LawDivorce

Can you get what is fair in your divorce? Many people start by telling their attorneys that they want what is “fair” in the divorce only to be told that this is not realistic. “Fair is what happens in St. Continue reading…

January 16, 2015

It’s Going To Be All Right

As a confirmed New Yorker subscriber, I enjoy the cartoons as much as the writing. Indeed, the cartoons alone would justify my subscription. Earlier this year, there was a drawing of a customer addressing a florist. “I want some flowers Continue reading…

January 14, 2015

Collaborative Practice and Low-Bono Services

I am on the Collaborative Law Institute’s “Low-Bono” Committee, and at our monthly meeting this past Monday, we considered how best to reach out to practitioners and clients in order to encourage the participation of both in the Low-Bono Program. Continue reading…

January 12, 2015

How to Talk

Categories: Collaborative LawDivorce

There’s an old saying that goes: “because God gave you two ears and only one mouth, you should listen twice as much as you talk” which, as far as it goes, is fairly good advice for most situations and if Continue reading…

January 7, 2015

How to Prepare for Negotiations

You find yourself facing a divorce proceeding. How do you prepare for negotiations? What do you need to do to put yourself in the best possible position to get a good result? The very best first step you can take Continue reading…

January 6, 2015

Social Media and Divorce: An Ounce of Prevention

Categories: Children in DivorceDivorceParents

During my childhood, a common folk saying was, “Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me.” Clearly this adage predated the internet age. Children can be hurt by words, and need our protection. Probably most Continue reading…