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August 30, 2013

Tissues on the Table: Emotions in Divorce

Categories: DivorceMental Health

In a collaborative divorce process – there are usually tissues on the table. When a client first comes into an attorney’s office to tell their story or learn about divorce, it can be emotional and scary. Some people cry. Some Continue reading…

August 29, 2013

Divorcing Mindfully

Mindfulness is a concept that has become part of mainstream American culture over the past decade. Hectic lifestyles, information overload and constant distractions have led more of us to look for a way to quiet our minds. In fact, many Continue reading…

August 28, 2013

Avoid Hurting Children by Divorce

I recently viewed a TED video about the impact of divorce on children. Professor Tamara Afifi, a professor at the University of California Santa Barbara, presented the results of her research. Here are some of her findings: CONFLICT BETWEEN PARENTS, Continue reading…

August 27, 2013

7 Elements of a Respectful Divorce

Categories: Collaborative LawDivorce

Collaborative divorce is often considered the “respectful way to divorce.” This doesn’t necessarily mean that the divorce is always amicable (although it can be), it means the divorce is done with grace and courtesy. Here are some (of the many) Continue reading…

August 26, 2013

Will Divorce Ruin Your Life? Understanding Statistics.

The popular media makes a healthy profit on promoting disaster, and casting everything possible in the language of disaster.  “Shocking!” and “Horrifying!” are two words we see all too often. Regarding divorce, the popular media has created disaster myths around Continue reading…

August 23, 2013

Secrets to Resolving Conflicts based on Antoinette Tuff

Categories: Collaborative Law

Compassion overruled a machine gun this week. The actions of one courageous school clerk at a Georgia elementary school saved countless lives. The skills she demonstrated in convincing a desperate man to put down his weapons can teach all of Continue reading…

August 22, 2013

How a Divorce Ends

Categories: Collaborative LawDivorce

Many people contemplate and give great thought to starting a divorce. A person considering divorce wonders about cost and timing and how to tell their spouse they want to initiate the process. Many attorneys talk about filing papers with the Continue reading…

August 21, 2013

A Child’s Perspective on Divorce

Categories: Children in DivorceDivorceParents

Children of divorce can provide unique insights. I recently had a conversation with a young woman whose parents had divorced more than a decade ago, while she was still in her teens. Looking back, she said she appreciates some little Continue reading…

August 15, 2013

3 Tips for How and When to Tell Your Spouse You Want a Divorce

Professionals who work with divorcing couples know that it is rare for couples to be at the same place in terms of deciding whether the marriage needs to end.  In almost every case, there is one spouse who has taken Continue reading…

August 12, 2013

How to Turn a Divorce Process into a Healing Process

How do you turn a divorce process into a healing process? By envisioning your highest goals for what you want to accomplish during the divorce and after the divorce has ended.  This is what happens in a Collaborative Divorce process. Continue reading…