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Mike Miller guides people through some of life’s toughest transitions including divorce (or as stated by an 8 year old, “getting unmarried”). Going through a painful divorce himself after a 32 year, marriage changed his life. Mike now helps couples make sense of the financial issues for them and their children. His approach is family centered and he emphasizes, “People always come before numbers.” Mike specializes in working with people in transition, helping them create and design the rest of their life so they can live it to the fullest. He is a Certified Financial Planner™, professional and past president of the Financial Planning Association of Minnesota. Mike completed family mediation training at Hamline University School of Law Mediation Center and is a qualified neutral under Rule 114 of the Minnesota Rules of Practice. The Minnesota Statewide ADR-Rule 114 Neutrals Roster is published by the State Court Administrators Office. Visit his website at to learn more. Registered Representative, Securities offered through Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. a Broker/Dealer, Member FINRA/SIPC. Investment Advisor Representative, Cambridge Investment Research Advisors, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor. Integra Shield Financial Group LLC and Cambridge are not affiliated. Neither Cambridge nor Integra Shield Financial Group offers legal advice. Individuals are advised to and should rely upon their professional legal advisors. Integra Shield Financial Group 3181 Fernbrook Ln Plymouth, MN 55447

January 27, 2019

3 Life Insights from the Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos Divorce

One of the reasons that divorce is such a challenging life transition is its public nature. A couple might keep their problems private as they try to work through them. But if a rift opens that can’t be mended, the Continue reading…

April 4, 2016

Making Cash Flow, Flow Positively

One of the challenges of divorce is separating income that used to be joint income, along with separating into two households versus one. This is a recipe for cash flow drain for most couples.  All of the sudden the same Continue reading…

March 22, 2016

What is a Collaborative Divorce Team?

Do you need a divorce team and if so who should be on that team? If you are going through divorce or plan to do so you should think about who you want to have on your divorce team.  Who Continue reading…

March 8, 2016

Unemployed and Divorcing: Make it a Win-Win

Categories: Divorce

When one spouse in a divorce has been unemployed for an extended period, it can often be a frightening situation for that particular spouse.  It can also be frightening to the other spouse.  This fear shared from opposite perspectives can Continue reading…

February 23, 2016

Keeping an Eye on Your Credit: During & After Divorce

Divorce is not fun for anyone nor is it a financially savvy thing to go through. You are splitting up what you own and what you owe to others. This often includes unpaid credit card balances and loans. What can Continue reading…

December 8, 2015

Tax Tips: Divorce and Name Changes; 5 Action Steps

Being in the tax season moment, my next few blogs will address some common tax issues and implications resulting from divorce. The first issue/implication I will write about are name changes. It is quite common for a spouse going through Continue reading…

November 30, 2015

Tax Tips: 5 Things to Know About the Child Tax Credit

The child tax credit may save you money if you have a qualified child.  Here are the top five things to know about this credit as it relates to divorce: Depending upon your tax filing status and your income you Continue reading…

November 18, 2015

Keeping More of Your Money in the Family: Choose Your Attorney Wisely

Categories: Divorce

After choosing your process wisely, discussed in my two previous blogs part 1 and part II, the next step is to choose your attorney wisely. I believe this is something to approach with significant thought about your goals, careful consideration Continue reading…

November 11, 2015

Keeping More of Your Money in Your Family: 5 Quick Financial Tips

5 quick Divorce financial tips: These five are only a starting point. Plan your cash flow and spending carefully.  Do not over exaggerate.  You and your spouse only have so much income between the two of you.  Unless you can Continue reading…

November 4, 2015

Getting Unmarried: A Roadmap to Resolution

Often when we decide to do something of significance, like go on vacation, obtain a college degree, search for a new job, or save for a future purchase we develop a plan.  If you are serious about the task set Continue reading…